Our team are committed to developing delicious and creative menus, focusing on sourcing the very best local ingredients in season. All menu items are designed to  provide the tastiest food for all to enjoy for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and showcase a perfect partnership with BC craft beer and wine.

As a Result of Covid-19 our Menu is Subject to Change



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Bacon & Egg Sammy                                                      13

Double smoked bacon & 2 fried eggs, on
brioche with house made ketchup + side

Smashed Avo Toast                                                        11

Lemon avocado smash on grilled sourdough + side

Lox & Cream Cheese                                                      17

BC house cured gravlax, lemon & dill cream
cheese & fried capers on grilled sourdough 
+ side

Mushroom & Goat Cheese                                            15

Balsamic glazed roasted Portobello, topped
with fig & balsamic goats cheese served on
garlic sourdough + side

Canadian Maple Waffles                                               15

House made waffles, drizzled with maple syrup &
topped with berry compote and whipped cream



Smoked Bacon Benny                                                 16.5

Double smoked bacon, kale, with 2 poached eggs &
lemon hollandaise + side

BC Smoked Salmon Benny                                        17.5

BC house cured smoked salmon, kale, with cream
cheese, 2 poached eggs & lemon hollandaise + side

Pulled Pork Benny                                                       16.5

BBQ pulled pork, kale, with 2 poached eggs
& lemon hollandaise
 + side

Pullman Pulled Pork Sandwich                                  15

18 hour smoked and pulled pork shoulder, melted aged cheddar, 'grilled cheese style' + side

Chicken Shawarma                                                      16.5

house marinated grilled chicken with house pickles, hummus, sweet garlic sauce in flatbread + side

Grilled Cheese                                              10

with aged cheddar + side

Thoughtful Falafel                                      16.5

with hummus and sweet garlic sauce in pita​ or on greens + side


HUNTER  from 11:30 weekdays & 2pm on weekends


Smoked Brisket Sammy                                            16.5

House smoked beef brisket on brioche with horseradish mayo & caramelized onion + side

Kahlua Pulled Pork Sammy                                      16.5

Hawaiian style pulled pork shoulder, spicy coleslaw, grilled pineapple on brioche + side

Pork & Brisket Burger                                                    18

on Portuguese bun with heritage greens, white cheddar, caramelized onion, tomato &
+ side

Chicken Shawarma                                                      16.5

house marinated grilled chicken with pickled red onions, arugula, cucumber, tomato, hummus, sweet garlic sauce wrapped in pita or on greens + side

white bean hummus
Smoked Lamb Shoulder on Black Olive Bread



18 Hour Smoked Dry Rubbed BC grass fed           24

Beef Brisket

daily smoked beef brisket, served with house BBQ sauce, coleslaw  + side

6 Hour Smoked Baby Back Pork Ribs                       30

daily smoked full rack of ribs, house BBQ sauce & coleslaw  + side

House Smoked Salmon                                                 26

daily smoked salmon on potato rosti, with fresh arugula, herbed sour cream, piccalilli   + side 

Poutine                                                                                15

Pemberton smashed potatoes, caramelized

onion, cheese curds, pickle gravy & sour cream

add beef brisket or pulled pork                            5


BBQ Dry Rub Wings                                                         12

Served crispy, or tossed in sauce



Pemberton Bowl                                           16.5

local beets, dried fruit, crisped organic vegetables, fresh herbs, chickpeas, sprouted legumes and miso vinaigrette

add to bowl...

Crispy Tofu                                                     5

Roast Chicken                                                                                                         

Thoughtful Falafel                                         16.5

with pickled red onions, arugula, cucumber, tomato, hummus, sweet garlic sauce wrapped in pita or on greens + side


Harmony bowl with braised pork belly
Sticky Toffee Cake


Good Old Fashioned Dilled Vinny Coleslaw             Mixed  Greens                                                  "Pemberton's Best" Smashed Potatoes      

add gravy & cheese curds                                              +5




Citrus, Chili & Rosemary Olives                          9

Garbanzo Bean Hummus                                  8

Smoked Bar Nuts                                                   4





Herbed Chicken Tenders                                               12

house made herbed chicken breast tenders+ side

Grilled Cheese                                              10

with aged cheddar + side

add pulled pork                                                5

16 hour smoked beef short rib
Sticky Toffee Cake